The announcement by the Government; we appreciate that this ever-evolving situation can at times be overwhelming or even unclear. It is imperative that we all continue to communicate and work collaboratively to navigate through these testing times and ensure that the wellbeing of all our staff and operatives collectively remains our top priority – where possible we urge you to consider where remote working and commuting on public transport can be reduced; our sites will remain operational but it is absolutely critical that you adhere to the FIS standard site operating procedures detailed here and ensure you keep abreast of the government advice here.

Should the situation change we will update you accordingly and are on hand to assist with any queries or concerns that you may have; we thank all of you for your continued positivity and understanding in adapting to this crisis. As below we continue to use our best endeavours in maintaining progress of the Works through the implementation and review of specific measures and strategies; whilst not exhaustive these include the following which we trust you to consider adopting in a bid to help us mitigate, prevent and manage any potential delays to the Works:

• Alternative means of transport to and from the site for operatives and staff.
• Early procurement and storage of critical materials where practicable.
• Freight/delivery options to mitigate any potential delays.
• Equal approved products should be readily available.
• Rigorous checking of long-lead items and updated Procurement Trackers.
• IT Support for remote working and meetings.
• Shifting and Rotation of essential site-based staff and discouraging use of public transport.
• Enhanced cleaning regime with a robust awareness and hygiene campaign.
• Daily site logs and records which also assist with remote applications/valuations.
• Positive engagement, communication and a pragmatic approach to matters.

If there is anything we have missed or you feel we should consider assisting with this situation, please let us know; stay strong, safe and keep supporting those around you, we will get through this together.

CLC Covid-19
Site-Operating-Procedures APRIL