Specialist Cleaning

High-Level Cleans

Our staff have the training and the experience to safely complete high level cleans. We can get to parts that are not easy to reach and we can ensure these areas are cleaned proficiently. We are fully licensed to use specialist high-level access equipment with IPAF qualifications.

Carpet & Upholstery

Our trained staff will use powerful industrial vacuum machines to remove any loose debris before we treat and wash the carpet – extracting nearly 98% leaving a stain-free carpet. The carpet should be dry to touch within a few hours.

We can remove:
• Ink, paint, tar,
• Chewing gum, glue,
• Fats, solids, vomit,
• Blood, urine,

Window Cleaning

We employ a Reach and Wash Cleaning System on external windows which gives a thorough clean to your windows using a telescopic pole. Because this technique doesn’t use chemicals, just pure water, we are being kind to the environment. This can be used to a height of around 68 feet and used from the safety of the ground.

• Eco-friendly – detergent free
• Absorbs dirt & dust
• Streak-free finish
• Pure ionised water system
• Safety from the ground

We do have IPAF qualified staff – trained in working at height who have harness, cradle, boom and spider vehicle expertise.

Pressure Washing

As specialist cleaners, we have undertaken a number of large jet washing projects over the years. With the removal of chewing gum, tar and just the cleaning of external flooring such as paving slabs. Whatever the job, we at DK are here to help you.

We clean:
• Patios, brickwork,
• Driveways, car parks, Gutters
• Cladding, canopies
• Block paving, decking

• Graffiti, chewing gum
• Adhesives
• Tar

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti is causing an increasing problem. We offer a safe and harmless specialist graffiti cleaning service. This effective solution ensures that all graffiti is removed from your surfaces.

Manifestation Clean

Window film can be easy to remove depending on what type of window film it is or how long it has been on the glass for. Our highly trained operatives use scrappers and soapy water to remove all traces of any manifestation.

Removal of Manifestation:
• Protective films & coatings
• Films & tapes from windows
• Paint, labels

Underfloor Cleaning (Computer Raised)

We have professionally trained cleaning technicians at DK who have the expertise to deliver high standard raised or underfloor cleaning services. Using HEPA filter hoovers we vacuum the micro particles found in the data cables, power cables, cable trays, rosettes, raised floor structure.

Pigeon Guano Removal

A comprehensive clean and disinfection to the infected area. Always ensuring correct PPE worn at all times. Safe removal of bird droppings, by a licenced removal company.

Atrium Cleans

We have numerous qualified operatives trained in for Atrium Cleans, depending on access to the building design. We use scaffolding towers, hydraulic platforms, rope access.

Stone Wall/Terrazzo/Floor Cleans

Our operatives are trained in attention to the finest levels of detail, perfecting each square metre of floor, wall, staircase or work surface as each is essential to the client business.

We clean – repair:
• Flood repairs
• French polishing
• Oil maintenance
• Lacquers & sealants
• Touch-ups